Why use our services?

We will comply your demands

We always do everything to meet your needs in the field of:

  • quality
  • deadline of production
  • price
  • reliability
  • specific modifications
  • additional services

Experience and qualification

We benefit from lifelong experience of our employees in the electro-technical fields. Our products are found in a many industrial sectors. The most the services we provide for automotive industry. Products that have passed through our workshops, work reliably under the bonnets of cars all over the world. We put emphasis on quality of production processes which ensure skilled employees of our company.

Professional equipment and Innovation

Our workplaces are equipped with professional equipment for compliance with the requirements of our clients. We want to consistently provide the highest quality service. Therefore we continually monitor the latest trends and best of new procedures we transpose into our system. Every year we are introducing advanced procedures for the production to guarantee full service.

We constantly improve service for you


Quality we take for granted. Each of our employees are aware we are supplier, but also customer at the same time. Our policy is not only about delivering requested quality, but also necessitate it from all internal and external suppliers. <br>The quality is very important to us. We know that is the prerequisite for stability and long-term protection of our company.

Quality Management System

It is the driving force behind a process of continuous quality enhancing in all activities of our company. Most important goal is continuous improvement of our system. We dedicate special attention to improving of process management.

Program of continuous improvement

It is focused on all operations aimed at improving methods of production process, improving quality of products and increasing productivity. At the same time it leads to the reduction in direct and indirect cost, which allows us to provide our services and products at very good prices. We are aware that continuous improvement program and use of new findings in science and technology is a very effective factor conducive to thriftiness and effectiveness. Therefore we constantly strive to improve the skills and professional level of our personnel at all levels.