Installation and completion

The basic activities carried out by the assembly of cable bundles include:

  • Cutting and stripping wire ends with the following parameters:
    • cross sections in the range 0,5–5 mm²
    • lengths 150–5000 mm
    • stripping 1st side and the 2nd side of the wires in the sum 0–30 mm
  • Shouldering wires with wide spectrum of:
    • contacts
    • cable rings
    • terminations
    • various of surface metallisation
  • Production of pressed and soldered connections. We also offer their isolation by using of heat shrinkable tubings or by wrapping with insulating tape.
  • Assembly of connectors or fuseboxes.
  • Simple assembly of cable bundles for telecommunications.
  • Assembly of simple and complex cable bundles for automotive industry.
  • Completion of plastic connectors to cable kits for the automotive and electronics industries.
  • A subsequent control of electrical circuit.
  • Other specific requirements of the client on cable units.

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