Summary of the basic machinery and equipment for individual activities

Assemblies and completions

  • Cutting and stripping machines:KOMAX 31 and TESLA AM
  • Automatic cutting press KOMAX 40S
  • Hand crimping presses: Comtec, Mecal, Kormak
  • Antistatic workplaces
  • Soldering and tinning: Weller

100% control

  • inspection and sorting centre with an area of 750 m2
  • storage for 200 pallets
  • control stations (visual check – magnifying glasses, microscopes)
  • measuring stations
  • weighing of material
  • packaging and repackaging of material
  • repair of controlled items (trimming, purification etc. )

Production of plastic moldings

  • NegriBossi VE120–440 with robot Harmo (closing force 120 T, snail Ø 40 mm, horizontal, passage between the uprights 450 mm)
  • Battenfeld BK1300 (closing force 130 T, snail Ø 30 mm, horizontal, passage between the uprights 400 mm)
  • Klöskner Ferromatik FX30 (closing force 30 T, snail Ø 30 mm, horizontal, passage between the uprights 320 mm
  • Piester PZ30 (closing force 30 T, vertical, passage between the uprights 360 mm)
  • Drying machine Dega
  • Cooling equipment Dega
  • Thermoregulatory equipment Dega

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